Newborn Baby Room Temperatures

Can you remember, what seems so long ago now, those stifling nights where everyone was in their local Sainsbury’s searching for the last fan to get any sort of relief from the heat in the summer evenings?

I remember panicking that my one year old would overheat and staring at the monitor, which alerts me of her room temperature, trawling through Google to ensure I had dressed her appropriately for the heat and the sleeping bag was a safe tog for the season.

We as mums are natural born worriers, something clicks in us I would say immediately after giving birth, that there is a certain way we should be doing things and rules to abide by and if Supermum101 on the Netmums forum tells us that we certainly shouldn’t leave our babies in just a vest on a hot summer’s night then she is completely right. It can be become overwhelming and exhausting trying to survive every snippet of advice given through each month of our babies lives.

Now the cold weather has arrived with a bang and I found myself tossing and turning again last night panicking that my little ones’s room was now far too cold at 16 degrees, with a 2.5 tog sleeping bag with a vest and PJs, needless to say after a little research I was relieved to know this was absolutely fine!!

If you find yourself also worrying about these elements, I’ve made a handy guide below to help put your mind at rest during these cold winter months.

 Room temperatureAmount of beddingClothing
Warm24 degrees C / 75 degrees FSheet only or a 0.5 – 1 tog sleeping bagShort-sleeved bodysuit
 22 degrees C / 71 degrees F1 blanket or a 1 tog sleeping bagLong-sleeve bodysuit
 20 degrees C / 69 degrees F1-2 blankets or a 2.5 tog sleeping bagLong-sleeved bodysuit or Short-sleeve bodysuit & pyjama top if using a 1 tog sleeping bag
Ideal18 degrees C / 65 degrees F2 blankets or a 2.5 tog sleeping bagLong-sleeved bodysuit & pyjama top
Cool16 degrees C / 61 degrees F2-3 blankets or a 2.5 tog sleeping bagLong-sleeved bodysuit & sleepsuit/pyjama set

Remember, a quick and easy way to check your baby’s body temperature is by placing your fingers on their chest or under their neck (their little hands and feet often feel cold even when their bodies are warm).

I also recommend using a room thermometer, which I always use in my Newborn Baby Photography Sessions, I use the Grobag Egg which is available online.

Mel x

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